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What happens if my Internet connection goes down?

Smartphones are everywhere, all mid-range and above iPhones and Android smartphones have an ability to behave as a Wi-Fi hotspot, this will work as a backup method for connecting to the Hosted Desktop in the normal way. Dedicated mobile Wi-Fi dongles can also be used.

Do I need fibre broadband to use the Hosted Desktop and Hosted Telephony?

There is no requirement for a fibre line, as a guide our Hosted Desktop and Phone works comfortably within 175 kbs which equates to circa 5 Hosted PC Desktops and 5 Phones on a bottom of the range broadband connection. (there would be a requirement for this type of line to be dedicated to business use only)

How secure is the Hosted PC Desktop?

Our systems were built for security first, followed by features. We use multiple layers, such as white listing and file pattern matching. Security starts before you connect, we do not advertise our connection points, and access is encrypted and uses 2 factor authentication.

Is backup included?

Yes from one of our datacentres to another every night. The datacentres are linked via private connection which never traverses the internet.

Can other applications other than Microsoft Office be installed?

Yes they can. There is a small charge which is related to the resources the application draws. So for example a practice management system which requires 2 additional servers would cost more than adding Sage Payroll (£5.00 per user per month).

Are restrictions placed on the use of the Hosted PC Desktop?

The applications are locked down to what has been agreed, this ensures maximal availability. We remove the ability to accidently install non-authorised applications.

What devices can be used for the Hosted PC Desktop?

Any PC or MAC that is circa 5 years old can be used. Tablets can be used but a mouse driven device is better suited.

Are Hosted PC Desktops shareable?

Each user has to have a dedicated account which can be used for a single concurrent logon. For trusted members of a team you have anyone in your circle of trust use the account apart from other IT companies.

How many users can I start with?

We cater for single or hundreds of users.